Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

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All the causes of Erectile Dysfunction can be divided into two big groups: psychological (Lifestyle) and physical causes. According to the last surveys 85% of all the impotence problems have been caused by physical or medical reasons, and only 15% because of psychological problems. Sometimes it is really difficult to learn out whether impotence has been caused by psychological or physical reasons, or their combination.

Psychological or Lifestyle Causes.

This cause of impotence can be developed extremely rapidly and can be associated with a specific event or circumstances. Such a man can have good erection in one situation but not in any other, he may have a perfect erection in the morning that means the problem to be psychological. There are several psychological reasons such as:

  • Emotional Disorders: anxiety (one may have fear of self-doubt and failure) and depression (may decrease sexual drive and desire)
  • Problems in relationships (It can be really difficult for men to perform really sexually when partners have negative feelings)
  • Smoking (disorders blood vessel )
  • Alcohol (can depress your central nervous body system)
  • Infrequent erections (penis accumulates oxygen-rich blood)

Physical causes.

Impotence can be caused by special conditions (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes) and internal causes (injury, surgery, medications). If someone has Erectile Dysfunction caused by medical conditions, his problem develops little by little. If your impotence lasts for more then 3 months and you do not know the reason, you should consult your urologist.

  • Heart disease (is the most important risk factor; people with erectile dysfunction should consult cardiologist as they have higher risk of different heart and blood diseases)
  • Diabetes (arteries are blocked and nerves are damaged)
  • Obesity (corpulence enhance the risk for erectile dysfunction, heart disease and diabetes)
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (lowers nitric oxide in one’s penis)
  • Neurologic conditions (affect your central nervous system )
  • Hormonal conditions
  • Injury and Surgery
  • Metabolic Syndrome (includes many negative conditions; is a major factor for impotence for aged men)
  • Medications (medication for treating cholesterol and heart problems, high blood pressure, psychotropic medications and chemotherapy drugs may cause impotence)
  • High blood pressure (a very common problem; many drugs used to treat hypertension may cause impotence)
  • And others

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