Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

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As a rule doctors interview their patients about different psychological and physical conditions and factors.

Medical and Personal History. This way doctors take medical personal history and ask about:

  • Any medical problems of present and past
  • Any psychological problems: constant anxiety, stress and depression
  • Any prescribed drugs and medications

Sexual History. The doctor should also ask about sexual life and any its problems. The questions are:

  • The reasons of the commencement of the dysfunction problems
  • Techniques details
  • How frequent your erection is? Its strength, quality, continuance and are they morning or evening.
  • Special circumstances of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Expectations of treatment and their motivations

Interviewing the Sexual Partner

If it is very important a doctor may ask patient’s sexual partner. These intelligences may help significantly in making best treatment choices.

Physical Examination

Doctors perform an extremely cautious and exact physical exam to learn out any physical abnormalities

Trials Using Treatments for Erectile Function

A very interesting and useful method is to dispense an Erectile Dysfunction treatment and then to see and observe the results. As a rule doctors give Viagra or more expensive injections.

Laboratory Tests

Blood Tests for Hormonal Abnormalities. It can be used to learn out testosterone and prolactin levels, if patient suffers from hormone problems. The doctor can also screen adrenal glands or thyroid dysfunction.

Tests for Medical Conditions That May be Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Testimony of any medical conditions should be sought, some of them are: nerve damage, atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and etc.

Monitoring Nighttime Erections

Monitoring of nighttime erections helps to determine the causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Whether they are physical or psychological?

Snap-Gauge Test

It determines whether a man can get erection while sleeping.

RigiScan Monitor

It is a very urban and expensive method.

Penile Brachial Index

This alternative compares arm and penis blood pressure. Using this method we can find out whether the reason of Erectile Dysfunction is penis arterial flow.

Imaging Techniques

This method is limited to younger men, it is also extremely expensive and includes diverse procedures. We can find out whether the problems were caused by blood flow.

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