Planning Your Food Intake to Decrease Cholesterol

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 No Comments Under: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol

It’s not a matter of one minute to determine what diet would be healthier for you in terms of cholesterol content. Your strategy should be gradual and well-planned in order to obtain positive results and purify your body.

First, you have to analyze the background, defining the reasons behind excessive cholesterol accumulation in your body, in order to fight the issue in its root. Some high cholesterol sufferers are exposed to cholesterol accumulation due their biological heritage. Still, you should not lose hope and consider only medical ways to decrease cholesterol amount in the system.

Non-dependent on the reason behind cholesterol accumulation in the organism, a healthy lifestyle is a major remedy to address the issue, which poses no side effects to your organs. Commonly, this problem is successfully solved with the introduction of healthy products into your regular diet.

The main reason for cholesterol to jump in quantity is in meals we consume on a daily basis. When a person eats fatty meals and prefers fast food to healthy fruits and vegetables, he inevitably exposes himself/herself to the increase of cholesterol in blood over time.

The main principles you should count on when planning your diet are as follows:

– Your diet should be rich in fibers;

– Your diet should be low in fats.

Regarding the first principle it should be noted that the number of low-cholesterol diets in the Web is enormous. Reviewing them you should take the amount of fibers included into the diet. This will guarantee that the quantity of cholesterol in your blood lessens. Fiber-rich products are responsible for two cholesterol-removing functions. First, they give your liver the necessary assistance in processing cholesterol. Second, they take up this substance and flush it away from the organism.

The core products you should consider when increasing fiber intake are veggies and nuts. Accompanied with natural supplements, the nutrients in these products will help you decrease cholesterol in your blood at a fast pace.

According to the second principle you should lower the quantity of fats in your diet. Still, it does not mean that fats should be removed from the diet at all. These nutrients play an important role in body functioning. The products you should decrease to minimum are milk derivates with high concentration of fats, and red meat (especially fried).

core components you lose eliminating fats will be replaced by the fiber part of your diet. Fish dishes are also helpful in supplying the necessary nutrient balance in the body. In order to lower cholesterol it’s also better to process the foods you consume with olive oil.

Seeking for balanced diets you should pay your attention to the amount fibers and fats in them, as these are the main factors which contribute to cholesterol accumulation or elimination.

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