High Cholesterol Poses a Threat to Your Heart

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 No Comments Under: Cholesterol, Heart

The statistics shows that nearly 30 percent of the US inhabitants are exposed to extremely high cholesterol levels; the number of these people is over 100 million. That said, nearly 30 percent of American nation is exposed to heart disorders.

Nearly a half of these 100 million are exposed to this threat at the highest level, as the quantity of cholesterol in their organism is over 240. Of course, cholesterol is a substance which should be found in the organism at normal rates. The role of this element lies in constructing new tissues and forming the basis of some essential body hormones. Cholesterol can be of several types, and one of them is even known to impede the heart disorders, as it actually gives assistance in eliminating harmful cholesterol from your system.

Still, it is well known that in total the quantity of this substance in your system should be neither high, nor low, namely balanced. Some kinds of cholesterol, for instance, LDL, are responsible for posing a great threat to your heart and blood system. The threat level is contributed by triglyceride, another kind of cholesterol, producing negative influence on the body and its main blood supplier, your heart.

The high levels of cholesterol become a real risk factor with time, when they form plaques. Plaques are known to be produced in a period of several years. These plaques are able to block the blood vessels in your heart, increasing the possibility of a heart attack. Still, low HDL cholesterol can also be harmful. Despite the fact that total cholesterol quantity affects the heart’s functionality, HDL, as opposite, helps prevent heart disorders as it gives assistance in eliminating LDL cholesterol from your blood and washing away its excess quantities from body tissues.

The levels of cholesterol are highly dependent of what and how much we eat. It’s a well known fact that some products increase cholesterol quantity in your blood, while others help decrease it when you introduce them into your diet. One of these products is mangosteen. According to several researches the components included in this fruit are able to impede oxidation in the organism. For this reason mangosteen is able to lessen cholesterol levels in the organism, preventing its accumulation in form of plaques in the vessels. Consequently, this fruit is approved by doctors to be a useful assistant in preventing heart threats, posed by high cholesterol amounts in the body. The effectiveness of this product has been proven to decrease cholesterol levels in animals, which participated in the study.

Due to this fact, consuming mangosteen in pure form or in form of juice can help you decrease cholesterol in blood, lose weight, lower cancer risk and the risk of heart attack. The product is worth trying, especially for the reason it has no side effects.

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