Basic Facts on Leukemia

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The type of blood cancer, which affects the production and structure of the white cells, as well as the platelets, is called leukemia. White blood cells are presupposed to protect the body from infections and viruses, and form the part of the immune system. The platelets take an important part in blood coagulation. The lack of the platelets can lead to haematoma and considerable blood losses, when one has even an insignificant sore. The lack of white cells, which form the guard for the body, can lead to serious consequences if an infection attacks the organism. Commonly, an inconsiderable disease like a cold may lead to death.

Leukemia is a disease which dreadfully affects your organism, no matter what type it is, acute or chronic. The acute variation of leukemia is characterized by rapid development and aggressive character. It influences blood cells at the early stage of their development. After being affected by leukemia, these cells can’t develop further and thus cannot function appropriately, leading to the serious body disorders. The production is impeded in its original place, the bone marrow, where these cells are produced. Finally, the half-formed cells replace healthy cells and become more numerous, getting into the blood system. It also leads to the decrease in red cell quantity.

Chronic leukemia is characterized by slow development. Being a gradual type of disease, it lets normal blood cells function for a certain period, and is characterized by producing cells, which may finally get their intended functions. Still, the quantity of white blood cells nevertheless increases, leading to anemia and decreased blood supply.

Leukemia may be of two kinds, which are characteristic of different ages. These kinds are lymphocytic leukemia, usually found in children, and myelogenous leukemia, characteristic for adults. There two subdivisions in each of these kinds, namely, into chronic and acute variations or the disease.

There are several symptoms characteristic of leukemia. Among them are constant fatigue, short wind in course of physical exercises, the disability or low ability of blood to coagulate, bluish patches and red spots on the skin, pale color of the skin cover. Leukemia patients are also diagnosed with low white cell quantity and have severe pains in bones.

Chronic leukemia can be left undiagnosed for several years. A person who has any type of chronic leukemia can actually be diagnosed with this disease after he passes a common blood test. Those who have leukemia but have no idea of it may simply visit their health-care providers on the fact they have their lymphatic nodes increase in size. When the disease is well-developed, a person may suffer from serious infection he hasn’t ever been exposed to. When an infection takes place a person commonly has white blood cell quantity increase.

To prove that it is really leukemia that you suffer from a deep blood analysis is implemented. After this analysis you will be said if you have either increased or decreased amount of white blood cells and if your blood contains disrupted cells. In some cases leukemia can be diagnosed due to the low amount of the platelets or red cells. Marrow analysis is also implemented to prove that you have any changes in its normal content. For the treatment to be successfully led and accomplished it is necessary that this analysis is done for several times to track the changes.

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