Stay aside of Heart Disease

Monday, March 21st, 2011 No Comments Under: Heart

1. For those who really care about their health, it’s highly recommended to give up smoking. Smoking is a well-known risk to one’s health; still, the majority ignores it. The first organ to attack is your heart, and the possibility of being exposed to a heart disease or a stroke is several times higher than in healthy people.

2. Cholesterol is another factor which contributes to heart disease development. There are two types of this substance, the levels of which should be kept normal. With high density lipoprotein the quantity is over 40. For low density lipoprotein it should be not more than 200. Even with a possibility of genetic predisposition it is easy to supervise the levels of cholesterol, to avoid a heart disease.

3. Blood pressure is a factor which also influences your heart’s functionality and health. Due to this reason it is highly necessary to avoid any serious variations from the norm. When the values on your tonometer show more than 140/90, your arterial tension is high, and should be addressed by certain measures. Commonly, you’ll have to take a course of medicines, change your lifestyle and diet. High blood pressure is potent of making you a heart disease sufferer if you ignore this problem. In the USA only there are more than 50 million high blood pressure sufferers, and all of them are exposed to heart disorders. The first thing you should do is review your meals and seek emotional stability.

4. Physical activity is an important remedy to prevent heart disease, as well. If you stay inactive, your muscles are untrained, and can’t cope with serious environmental changes, the same is about your heart. The possibility of getting a heart disorder or even a fatal outcome is higher with people who lead an inactive way of life, as opposite to those who have regular physical training of any kind. It doesn’t mean you should make a set of hard-core exercises on a daily basis. Even a long walk with you dog can save you from additional heart disease possibility.

5. Healthy meals are vital and essential for your heart’s health. This means you should prefer high-fiber products like vegetables and fruits to high-fat products with increased cholesterol levels. The components from your food are highly important for the body and its main blood supplier – your heart.

Additional caution should be taken if there is a place for genetic predisposition to heart disorders. If there is a risk of exposure non-dependent of your way of life, the hints mentioned above should be followed with especial preciseness, in order to decrease the possibility of sad outcome. This means you have to track your meals, include physical exercises into your regular life, and control your arterial tension. The possibility of heart disease increases only because of your lifestyle, and is not connected with the aging process.

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