Quit Smoking For Better Health

Monday, March 21st, 2011 No Comments Under: Stop Smoking

If you smoke, the decision to quit smoking is the best you have ever made. It is due to the improvements your health will receive. Some changes will happen in 20 min you put out the last cigarette. To quit smoking is hard, but it worth doing as your body will benefit greatly.

There are short-term health benefits you can notice immediately. 20 min after you put out the last cigarette, you will notice a fall in pulse rate and blood pressure. The temperature in feet and hands will go to normal levels as blood circulation enhances. 8 hours later, the levels of carbon monoxide will fall to normal and the levels of oxygen will rise to normal. Before 1 day is over, the risk of getting a heart attack reduces. In forty eight hours, lung cilia and nerve endings start regenerating and you can taste and smell much better.

There are longer-term health benefits. Within the next 3 months, lung function and blood circulation will enhance greatly. It will be easier for you to exercise and walk, and this will contribute to enhance your health.

Actually the worst period of withdrawal symptoms is generally over in the 1st month. So you can focus more on improving your health. In 1 month the body will cleanse lungs of the toxins in mucus, and you can see a decline in coughing, fatigue, sinus congestion and shortness of breath.

2 years after you quit smoking, the risk of developing coronary heart disorder will reduce in half. You will be much healthier than you used to be when you just quit.

In five years, the risk for a stroke decreases immensely. After 10 years, the risk of developing lung cancer lowers to half it was when you smoked. The risk factor of ulcers and cancers including throat, mouth, esophagus, kidney, bladder and pancreas will reduce. Finally, in 15 years, the risk of developing a heart disease and the risk of death returns to a rate comparable to those of individuals your age who never smoked.

This fact proves that it is worth breaking the bad habit of smoking. If you wish to achieve all these health benefits, you are strongly recommended to give up smoking and thus start your way to a better health.

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