Eight Hints for Acne Treatment

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 No Comments Under: Acne, Skin Care

You are bothered with your acne and desire to get rid of them. The following hints may help you as they helped me when I had serious type of acne. You can use the hints at home; they are very simple and convenient. Besides, they contain only natural means.

Here are they:

Hint #1: Your face must always be clean. Be certain that you wash your face on a regular basis. If you leave home, make sure you have cleaned your face when you came back.

Hint#2: Keep away from dark drinks such as cola, coffee etc. The reason is- they provoke acne.

Hint#3: Keep away from unhygienic food. The food you eat should be natural and not genetically modified.

Hint#4: Keep under control eating fatty food. For example pizzas, if you eat them often try to do it less regularly. Greasy food can also provoke the appearance of acne on your body and face.

Hint #5: Keep fit and do more physical trainings. It will make your heart stronger and motivate the creation of hormones which also lessen the acne appearance.

Tip #6: Try to intake fresh fruits often. Drink more apple juice, or other fresh juice instead of drinking coffee or cola.

Tip #7: Try to intake more water. It will reduce your acne because great amount of water in your body provokes the loss of heat.

Tip #8: The following fresh fruits and vegetables will be helpful as well. I strongly advise you to eat them:

  1. Apples. According to an old proverb – an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is not far from truth because apples also help to reduce acne. Especially if you eat one apple every morning as soon as you wake up constantly for a week.
  2. Bananas. Being a pro biotic fruit it include in its content live bacteria. The last in its turn support the increase of useful bacteria in your body.

  3. Grapes. Grapes make it easier for you hold your skin clean. The reason is in vitamin C which grapes are rich for.

  4. Papayas- they assist in revitalizing and renovating the skin. You may eat papaya frequently and spread the papaya substance over your face.

This original nutritional regime is able to treat any type of acne. It includes consumption of rations that is full of antitoxins, vitamins and assists in returning the steadiness in your body. Moreover the above mentioned pattern of eating makes your immune system stronger.

The reason of the effectiveness of this diet is that it includes eating such kind of food which definitely can help to hold you from getting illness for a second time.

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