Antivirals Usage.

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Antivirals are a class of medicines, prescribed by doctor, created to fight the viral infection flu and to prevent the development of the infection. They are efficient if taken first 1-2 days from the moment when you discovered the symptoms of the infection. Find out more information about antivirals.
The goals of antivirals are the following:
– stop influenza development in places where many people are gathered together and live, for example, dormitories or rest homes
– guard people who have no opportunity to be vaccinated (during pregnancy period, eggs allergy, consult your physician if it is allowed for you to have a flu shot)
– guard the person during the epidemic if it was provoked by strains of the virus, which do not have vaccine coverage.

How to thwart flue with antivirals.
They are able not only to assist in the flu treatment but they will guard you from receiving the virus. For instance, when you live with the person who was infected, you can feel protected with antivirals. They will help not to catch the virus. This is a good preventive measure and you can make use of it but you should consult the physician first.
There are various types of antivirals. FDA in the United States of America gave approval for four of kinds of antivirals which are used to treat and prevent the flu:
– Oseltamavir (trade name – Tamiflu)
– Amantadine (trade name – Symmetrel)
– Zanamivirr (trade name – Relenza)
– Rimantadine (trade name – Flumadine)

Antivirals will fight with the flu virus and will provide the short period of illness duration. It will not find the development within your body. It is a perfect medicine for children when they are 1 year old.
Antivirals can be of great assistance when your family member is ill. In this case the period of your illness will not last long. They can show rather high efficiency if they are taken in the beginning of the illness:1 or 2 days. So if you feel symptoms of the flu, then do not waste time and urgently consult the doctor. Probably you will be able to relief it.

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