Get rid of disquiet to avoid hypertension.

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 No Comments Under: Blood Pressure

Can disquiet be the reason for blood pressure? The definite reason for blood pressure has never been mentioned. Though scientists agree with the fact that such conditions as tension and disquiet do not make the blood pressure lower and more often lead to hypertension.

When the person is under the load of stress, he experiences the rise of blood pressure. The organism is able to produce vasoconstrictive hormones. These hormones raise blood pressure. When the problem is solved and the person does not worry, then the blood pressure again becomes normal. When tension and anxiety period continues for a long time, then the person will have hypertension.

We get anxiety for a number of reasons as we are people. Some can have problems in the family or at work. We are not able to change the surrounding which is rather stressful, but we can change our attitude to it and this way we will be able to control the blood pressure. It is not that easy, we understand this fact, but it is possible.

There are special medications that are aimed at making the person calm. Some herbs can also have the same effect. Pay attention to such sport as yoga, which is very good in the state of disquiet. Meditation exercises will protect person from being nervous without special reasons for it.

There is no one universal recipe for everybody. No matter how eagerly we wish to have it, everyone must determine their own way to get rid of unpleasant condition and consequently high blood pressure. What can be good for one person, can be useless for the other one.

The connection between hypertension and disquiet is not direct. When you are nervous, the blood pressure rise and when it happens frequently then you can develop the disease. So the best recipe is to get rid of the situations which cause disquiet.

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