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Iodine is a necessary trace mineral in the body, which turns into iodide. It is contained in plants, sea products, iodized salt, dairy and vegetables. Being the essential element of Thyroxin, it helps goiters and people suffering from hypothyroidism and diseases caused by fibrocystic condition. It is also good for those who were exposed to radiation. When taking proper amount of iodine the person can have better teeth, skin, hair and nails condition. Iodine is also good for providing normal metabolism.

When you do not have enough of it in the body.

Among the side effects of iodine are skin rashes and itching. When the one has goiter problems he can feel tired, weak, can lose weight or gain it and suffer from dry skin.

Those who dislike eating sea products, dairy, iodized salt can be subjected to the iodine deficiency. There is also a deficiency condition which is called iodine deficient anemia. Iodine can be taken be consumed when you eat food containing this trace mineral, but when you feel that you do not have the proper amount of it, you can take it in a supplement.

Be careful when buying the pills.

If you expect or feed the baby and at the same time feel the deficiency, you should not take iodine without the doctor’s recommendation. Visit your physician at first. Iodine can interact with other medicines you take. This can be a risky combination.

Be careful when choosing iodine pills to make sure to take those which are produced according the GMP requirements. The situation on the pharmaceutical market is rather dangerous and people often buy medicines which claim on the labels one thing, but their contents do not correspond the label at all. The check performed by the government bodies revealed the rules violation. It was discovered that only 1 medication out of 5 sold corresponds the description claimed and does not contain contaminants, which can be hazardous for your health.

When you choose GMP pharmacy, you can be sure that you purchase the medication of highest quality and you can obtain the effect you want from the required medication.

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