Keeping away from one of the most widespread disease – viral gastroenteritis

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Viral gastroenteritis is a widespread disease, and it can be sometimes called “a traveler’s tummy”, “an upset stomach” and “Montezuma’s revenge” as well. The initial reason for the disease is bacteria, which can be transferred from on place to another and causes the spread of infection.

Viral gastroenteritis can be confused with stomach flu, but stomach flu has nothing to do with infected stomach.

The symptoms of gastroenteritis are: the inflamed intestines bringing to diarrhea, crampy abdominal pains, vomiting, lack of appetite, and other troubles of digestion.

Highly infectious, viral gastroenteritis is the second widespread contagion in the USA. Every person is subjected to it and recovery is not a problem. But this disease can cause dehydration and this can undermine the immune system.

Contact with the sick, sharing products, utensils for eating opens for virus opportunities for expansion on the invaded territories. Its outbursts can happen in places when people spend much time together, such as educational institutions, nursing homes, summer camps, rest houses and others.

Illness can have sporadic character or epidemic. When it is sporadic, the person experiences diarrhea, nausea, discomfort, fever or even all together.

The flue virus is not the reason for epidemic gastroenteritis but it causes fever. Flue mainly affects the respiratory tract, not the digestive organs.

Gastroenteritis can be provoked by various viruses and germs. Such microorganisms, for example E-coli, are not direct reason, they just create conditions of food contamination. The viruses causing viral gastroenteritis do harm to the cells located in small intestine lining.

One half of all cases are caused by RNA viruses as norovirus (called at times Norwalk virus) and rotavirus, their outbreaks happen in winter, and North America is the region which has high statistics of such cases.

Sporadic gastroenteritis is provoked by Astrovirus and Adenovirus. Small children with age less than 4 are usually the targets of these viruses.

Products can be contaminated when cooked in places with rodents or insects, spreading the disease. Contamination can be due to the environment pollution as well. For instance, sewage running into water contaminates it. Cafes that use such water or do not follow sanitary norms may contribute to outburst of gastroenteritis.

Symptoms appear two days later after infection with a virus, which brings to gastroenteritis. It lasts up to 10 days and will pass without complications if the patient is provided with the proper hydration.

It is impossible to cure the viral gastroenteritis with antibiotics. When case is acute the main thing is to replace fluid and electrolyte in the body. When patient is hospitalized and can not preserve fluids, intravenous therapy can come to rescue then.

There is no vaccine for viral gastroenteritis, but Rotateq – recently released vaccine.

Do not forget that the best thing to avoid any widespread disease is precaution! Hygiene rules should be followed, known to every kid. Hands must be washed after use of toilet and it must be done regularly. Keep products in a right way – in clean closed containers. Keep the perishable food in refrigerator. It is better to boil the water or use special filter for cleansing.

Many people who suffer from the disease have weak immune system and this is the most important thing to keep us healthy that is why try to protect yourself from the virus attack taking preventive measures.

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