3 Sure Ways to Detect Ovulation

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A woman can get pregnant during a certain period which consists of several days. These days are commonly preceding and following ovulation. Ovulation is a process of ovule discharge from the follicle. If ovulation takes place in a female organism on a regular basis, a woman is considered fertile. Though, it may happen that a menstrual period is not accompanied with ovulation. It’s normal to have one ovulation in course of two or three monthly periods. Still, if ovaries are unable to produce ovules for more than two years, this condition is called infertility.

Conclusively, a woman is not able to conceive every day. The period which is favorable for conception is as long as only a week. For those who want to conceive a baby, each day is a torture to wait. So, several methods have been invented by the humanity in order to help you determine, when the desired fertile days come.

The fastest way to learn whether you have ovulation or not is to purchase an ovulation test. It takes a couple of minutes to employ and quickly shows you the results. The ovulation test is based on detecting lutropin concentration in the urine or in the saliva, which increases when ovulation takes place. The results will be precise if you follow the directions carefully.

Another method to detect ovulation is to pass ultrasound diagnostics. Visiting your health-provider on the 7th day of menstrual cycle you will be investigated by a vaginal sensor. Then the procedure will be done every 2 or 3 days to ensure that ovulation will take place. This method is absolutely safe and guarantees you the most precise results.

One more way to detect ovulation which is easy and absolutely free is to measure basal body temperature. This temperature is known to fall on the day of ovulation and then increase for several days after the ovule leaves its follicle. Measuring it on a regular basis will help you determine whether it’s the very day you may conceive.

You can definitely use the methods mentioned above to determine the day of ovulation, as any of them guarantees you the result.

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    I saw ma period on the 17th of march it endedon d 19th,i had sex on d 26th of march.Another period came on d first of april.will i get pregnant pls  need your answere?

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