Natural Way to Fight Premature Ejaculation

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The problem of premature ejaculation consists in loss of control over the duration of sexual intercourse. Nearly a forth of all males has once experienced premature ejaculation, and some of them have been exposed to it for a long period, having no remedy to fight it.

This condition is so popular on the market, that the choice of solutions is really wide, however, a huge part of them does not address the issue. Actually, premature is not a problem if considered from the other side. Ejaculation in a man is called premature if he ejaculates before his partner has an orgasm. Thus, to make ejaculation timely, it’s necessary to make a partner orgasm quicker.

If only a couple of minutes are necessary for your partner’s orgasm, you will probably get rid of the problem. Even if you won’t, the problem would be much easier to address when the time you’ll have to hold before ejaculation is shortened.

Well, what should you do to rouse your woman?

Four remedies should be taken in a complex to address the issue. Firstly, the foreplay, secondly, personal contact, thirdly, psychological contact, and at last, fourthly, her attitude to sexual contact.

The necessity of foreplay is always neglected by men. They commonly think that it’s optional or unnecessary in a sexual intercourse. Of course, there are men who have heard of it, but are not aware of methods used to make a woman orgasm quicker.

If you have no idea how foreplay is important, it’s recommended that you take it as it is. Females are not as sensitive in sexual relation as males are, so even when both of you start with the same feeling, a man can get satisfaction quicker.

Another step is to act in a way your partner thinks its best. Meaning, you should take all measures to arouse her, stimulating her breasts, doing a massage, giving her kisses, or motivating her orally in order to reach the desired state. Everything you do can preliminarily be spoken over with your partner, or your can just track and estimate her reaction.

Verbal contact is also very important during a sexual intercourse; however, its importance is also neglected. It would be better for you to know how to act when your partner tells it herself. It’s very likely the time necessary for her to reach an orgasm depends on her mood and sexual desires.

Stop guessing and ask her if you see her hesitation (whenever you consider it appropriate).

Psychological atmosphere is very important for a woman in a sexual intercourse. The more you try to favor the atmosphere she wants to be in, the more are chances that she orgasms quicker.

Consequently, some effort is required from a man to satisfy his woman in the sexual intercourse. Only thus he can expect a good result.

Her attitude to sexual intercourse must be positive. Moreover, it is necessary for a woman to experience a passionate feeling for a man she has sex with. The more passionate these relations are, the more chances she gets satisfied in time. Psychological factor is one of the leading in women’s understanding.

This attitude is very much dependent on the points mentioned above. Foreplay is necessary to reach a proper emotional state, right words will come in place when undestranding her wishes, while psychological contact will assure her that you are the one with who she wants to have love at the present moment.

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