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Statistical data on smokers, gathered back in 2007, show that in the US only the number of people who smoke is nearly one fifth of total population, which is almost 45 million inhabitants. It’s not that few.
Modern industry is full of offers, treatments and methods, worked out to help people get rid of their habits. Still, they are designed only to assist you in your intention, and won’t do the entire work for you. If you are not ready to employ your will and desire and have no motivation to quit smoking, these remedies are useless. Perhaps, for some of you it’s a discovery.

To quit a habit (and smoking is more a habit, than addiction), you have to rely on your will and wits. The majority of smokers considers withdrawal an easy thing and alleges they would easily do this, if they wanted. This idea is commonly followed by smokers. However, to succeed in this difficult job one should train his will. Still, your only desire to quit smoking is a good motivation which puts you on a right way. Moreover, not to fail you can follow the directions listed below.

Time your day carefully. Commonly, there are some circumstances which are convenient for people to smoke. For instance, when there is a break in office work you may find it the best time to smoke. Emotions also trigger people to light a cigarette. To avoid further stress or breakdown you just try to restore the balance while smoking. In some people smoking is expressed in form of a regular habit, like drinking coffee every morning. The problem to be solved is to track your smoking behavior and keep it in mind.

For every temptation find an answer. When tracking the moments you will likely take a cigarette from a pack, think of its substitutes. Purchase a gum, or eat some berries, fruits, drink some milk or juice. To avoid gaining excess weight, use low-fat alternatives, and don’t substitute cigarettes with alcohol, to avoid another bad habit.

Be positive and list the opportunities you’ll have when you stop smoking. There are things you haven’t even imagined. Only people who are safe from the smoking habit can judge how nice it is to be free from the odor which surrounds you. Smoking affects not only your breathing, but also changes your appearance. Still, the major reason to give up is your health. Even in a month of efforts you’ll see that your condition is much, much healthier than it was when you used to smoke.

Now let’s make a summary of advice given above. The primary step is to concentrate your own will in your hands and get motivated. The second step is to avoid the moments when you’re inclined to smoke and find the substitutes. At last, always remember how much you’ll profit from a healthy lifestyle without cigarettes. This would likely be an addition to your main motivation in this difficult job.

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