The Reasons to Stop Smoking, and the Ways to Do So

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Actually, smoking is only a bad habit one follows day by day. So that’s not cigarettes which really form your addiction. To quit this habit you should have a motivation. Still, it should not be a disease provoked by nicotine abuse. What are the reasons to do so?

The reasons to quit the habit

A considerable part of people suffering from lung cancer are previous or current smokers. So your health is the first reason. Not only lungs are ruined when you smoke. Pancreatic gland, kidneys, stomach and more – the entire organism suffers from the habit.

Other problems are commonly even more important for people, still they are less invasive. These are tooth destruction, unpleasant breathe and odor. Cigarettes are also to blame for heart attacks.
Time is money. Money is time. Time and money.

You have to give your time and attention to smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. If counted, you’ll be shocked by the amount of time you spend day by day on this habit. Still, any busy person can spare this moments usefully. One more argument lies in expenses. This, of course, depends on how much cigarettes you smoke. It would be surprising if you find out that cigarettes play a considerable role in your monthly investments. And if you add to the sum month by month, you’ll be shocked by the result you have with years.

What is the reason to refrain?

The majority of smoking people are aware of the dangers. Literally, everyone knows it. Social advertisement, lectures, bill-boards – all of them are dedicated to bring the news about smoking consequences. However, smokers exist.

To put out a cigarette forever is a step dependent on one’s will. The news on smoking consequences you hear and see every day don’t lie, but the problem is in smokers themselves. Something makes them sure their health is eternal, as well as their lives. They don’t believe they will ever suffer from smoking or prefer not to think of it.

However, the unfortunate who once reasoned equally, now suffer from heart disorders and problems with lungs. They considered it impossible to have any harm from cigarettes. But their bodies acted in a different way. You can’t ever say you’ll have cancer or not. It’s not that you can predict it, the illness is always spontaneous in this case.

To begin is always hard

1. Learn more scary facts and statistics on smoking. The evidence you have will make it convincing that you should stop smoking immediately and never come back to it again. Read the most horrible facts every day.

2. Make a self-analysis. Do you have a real necessity to smoke?

Making healthy lifestyle your habit

1. Schedule your actions. Choose a day when you are going to finally stop smoking. This day would put an end to this unhealthy habit. As part of your actions, you should get rid of all the cigarettes you have. This also means you’ll smoke none of them.

2. Exclude the possibility to smoke. Count down the moments you use to flame a cigarette. When is it most convenient for you to smoke? What regular affairs do you connect with smoking? Role-play the moment when you are going to renew the habit. Think of all reasons you will convince yourself with. It’s better to act when you’re prepared. List the steps you take to fight the unbearable desire to smoke.

3. Act in a clever and reasonable way. The first steps are the most difficult and you’ll probably have to assist yourself with special stop-smoking products.

4. Don’t be afraid to restart your way to healthy life if you go wrong.

5. It’s better for you to be encouraged by friends and relatives. You’ll likely stop smoking quicker if you get their assistance.

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