Why Should You Stop Smoking?

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Are you a warrior in a continuous fight with cigarettes? The enemy is strong, no matter how many of you, warriors, try do defeat it. The fight with nicotine requires much power and will. However, there are three instruments you can use to assist yourself in this battle. The majority of smokers consider them powerful.


Nicotine fighters are anxious not only about dangerous health consequences they have to face when smoking, but also about the enemy’s influence on their looks. When smoking, especially for a long period, there is a possibility to cause lung cancer and have serious problems with heart. The possibility to fall ill gets higher and higher with every month you smoke. It’s not surprising this fact plays a major role as a motivation to quit smoking. Besides, you won’t also look as good as you were when you started smoking. People, who quit smoking, notice that their skin returns to its healthy state. Of course, when you stop smoking it does not mean you’ll get younger. But you will nevertheless impede rapid aging process. Additionally, you won’t have to visit your dentist frequently, than necessary.

Dear and Near

People who smoke are in common confusion when they have to find a place for smoking among healthy friends. To quit smoking means to get rid of this necessity to search for a place where to smoke. Moreover, as the society is directed to follow healthy way of life, there is less and less place left for smokers in public areas.

Your children can also suffer from breathing cigarette smoke. Still, it can be at least inconvenient for you to seek where to stay aside from them and smoke. But the main reason for you to quit this habit is that you may lead them to cancer caused by cigarette smoke. You won’t have to blame yourself for problems with breathing they can potentially face. Overall, a healthy parent gives a good direction for children to be healthy by his own example.


A lot of money is spent every day by cigarette addicts and casual smokers. Some statistics would speak for itself. A pack of cigarettes costs nearly USD 4. Imagine you consume it every day. Thus, you waste nearly 30 dollars a week, over 100 dollars per month, and almost 1400 dollars a year! Still this sum is actual only for people who consume not more than one pack of cigarettes. The more you save on cigarettes, the more you can purchase for the money wasted.

Of course, the enemy you’ve chosen to fight with, especially when it has once been your best friend, is hard to defeat. But a strong will and, most importantly, a strong desire, make wonders.

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