Natural Solution for Acne Scars

Monday, September 21st, 2009 No Comments Under: Acne

Not only acne itself can be treated, but its consequences like acne scars can also be addressed. There are some effective herbal components that can help in fighting the issue. These remedies treat the problem in its root, but the treatment requires time. Synthetic medicines are quicker in effect, but they can pose a threat to the organism due to chemical contents. With herbal cure only allergy has been registered, but its cases are quite rare.

Of herbal treatments the following products are commonly applied: Cucmber, Aloe Vera and Indian gooseberry.

The above named remedies have a positive effect on skin fold. Treating acne scars you can highly benefit from cucumber, as it is capable of making skin younger and helps fighting the scars successfully. Aloe Vera has been used for a long time for its miraculous property of bringing skin to balance and is also famous for removing the traces of acne healing from the skin. Indian gooseberry, in its turn, helps impede scar appearance in its root, when acne is already cured.

The remedies mentioned are to be used on a regular basis, and scar treatment will take some time to be successful, so it requires patience from you. Importantly, scars are different in their size and structure, so they can require different amount of time to be removed. In difficult cases your natural therapy should be complex. Here are some of its possible components: honey, tea tree oil, ice, vinegar, olive oil.

When used together with active components the products mentioned can remove the traces of acne scars. The oils (that of tea tree and olive) as well as ice are allowed to be spread over your skin directly. You can apply the cream you use in combination with honey; other component, as effective as honey, is yogurt. White vinegar should be necessarily diluted with water in proportion 1:2, before you use it on skin, and the mixture should be spread with cotton. Beware of allergic reactions as vinegar is aggressive on people who are prone to allergies.

Acne can be caused by unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Surely it has not been proven whether there is a connection between the diet and acne, but food you consume is known to affect skin fold greatly. Still, if your diet is full of natural products and contains no chemicals, your organism is clean, and when it is clean, the skin is clean either.

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