Why is Your Blood Pressure Low?

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It is commonly acknowledged that high blood pressure is harmful for your health. Some people conclude that a healthy person should have low arterial tension in order to be healthy. False. Blood pressure should be normal, only thus you ensure your body stable functioning. Low blood pressure, medically called hypotension, is also dangerous for your system. Your organism has a special system of nerves, which is brought into action by hormones. It is based on the opposition of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves which are responsible for increasing and decreasing your arterial tension respectively. The interaction which happens between these two branches helps a person control his body when he is physically active.

Low blood pressure has three main reasons behind it. In the majority of cases it results from the decreased amount of blood in the system, or hyphemia. Hyphemia in its turn may be caused by considerable blood losses, lack of fluid in the organism, which results from insufficient fluid intake; the side effects of diuretic medicines, which help the body transform its fluids into urine; vomiting, caused by any factors, and diarrhea.

The second reason why you may have low blood pressure is in heart disorder, which affects the heart’s ability to provide sufficient blood circulation. This may result in a shock, induced by heart activity. Commonly, this condition is provoked by certain drugs, prescribed for decreasing arterial tension, or having this feature as one of its side effects. They are known to decrease heart beating, sometimes even making blood supply to the organs insufficient. This factor makes health-care providers check all the drugs you have on your list, even if they don’t need permission.

The third reason for which low blood pressure should be blamed is excessively widened blood vessel walls. It can also have several causes, like a disorder of the nervous system which control blood pressure, or in any of its branches, be it sympathetic or parasympathetic. Additionally, low blood pressure can be a result of some dramatic body infection, which has been neglected, or medicines which are supposed to affect the nerves and anaesthetic remedies.

Postural hypotension is a condition associated with the majority of decreased arterial tension issues. Its essence lies in the ability of autonomic nervous system, which takes responsibility for blood pressure, to carry an instant change in body position. For instance, a person may feel certain dizziness, when he quickly stands up from lying position. This type of pressure abnormality can be tracked with a tonometer in different body positions. Syncopes may also result from low blood pressure. When one’s arterial tension faces an instant decrease, it may lead to the loss of consciousness.

There is still one more case of low blood pressure, which is seldom met in practice, but has a place. It happens in a half an hour after food intake. This happens due to the fact that digestive system needs additional blood, but the organism can’t cope with managing the new demands, resulting in low blood pressure. Commonly, this condition is a result of autonomic system disorders.

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