Natural Treatment as a Way to Cure HSV

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 No Comments Under: Genital Herpes

How to get rid of genital herpes in home conditions? The infection is very hard to cure so the primary thing to do is to lessen its symptoms, and then to address the virus on the inner level. Below you can read about some methods used to reduce the symptoms.

Many sufferers use balm to heal genital herpes. Due to its healing capabilities balm can make the blisters fall off quicker. To produce positive results, the remedy should be put on the sores not less than three times a day.

One more herbal treatment used to get rid of herpes blisters is a combination of herbs called Four-Ginseng Tea. It includes peppermint, spearmint, astrugalus and Echinacea hawthorn. The plants are likely sold in every pharmacy where they can be taken from. The combination is known to have a positive effect on immunity and glands, providing the organism with more powers to fight the infection.

As any viral infection genital herpes affects the body when it is weaker than commonly. One of risk factors for the body is stress, which can be successfully eliminated with the help of camomile tea. Camomile is known for its enigmatic effect on the organism, including the ability to soothe one’s nervous system.

To address genital herpes directly one can use Aloe Vera cream. The cream has already been tested in case of herpes sufferers and showed quicker healing from blisters. Moreover, those who applied aloe vera have seen no outbursts of genital herpes in future.

Addressing genital herpes aromatherapy can also be implemented. The extracts from natural plants not only help recover from herpes outburst, but also heighten the mood. The oils also help reduce painful sensations connected with genital herpes blisters.

Suffering from frequent genital herpes outbursts it’s better to review the diet. When facing the infection you should not eat much animal food, like eggs, meat and so on, but rather adjust to a diet, containing much vegetables, fruit, and other light products.

In addition to holding healthy lifestyle you can apply vitamins to make the treatment positive. The majority of physicians will agree that applying 2000 mg of vitamin C will only provide quicker recovery from the infection. To prevent further outbursts, it’s reasonable to consume beta carotene, which helps support the immunity, and thus prevents the virus from flourishing.

Still, one of the best ways to be safe from the infection is to get protected during sexual intercourses. But if infected, treating the disease with herbal remedies is highly recommended.

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