Treating Hair Loss in a Natural Way

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 No Comments Under: Hair Loss

Hair loss always shocks a woman, no matter what age she is, but if hair is thinning and you are too young to face the problem, there is an additional reason to worry. Nowadays hair loss in women has received an epidemic character across the globe. Very often it is caused by women’s negative emotional state. Still, unhealthy way of life, applying hair dyes for styling hair also make it easier to lose hair.

Among herbal treatments available there are lots of easy methods which will result in positive effect with time. If you have faced early hair loss, it’s highly recommended you read further. Don’t think of complex techniques but follow easy directions mentioned below. However, they won’t of course give you a guarantee you’ll bring back your hair in some days. Some of the most effective techniques are listed here, and you can use them safely.

Saw Palmetto is known to be one of the herbs widely applied to treat hair loss in women, as its ability to do so is really proven by those who have used it. The plant includes an element, which effectively decreases DHT levels in the organism, thus making the hair strong and ever healthy. If rubbed into the skin on the scalp it would gradually lead to hair recovery and impede hair loss in a woman. The element which decreases the levels of dihydrotestosterone acts rapidly and effectively, making the follicles healthy and thus stopping hair thinning. For this reason saw palmetto is widely applied for treating hair loss.

Nettle, also called small nettle, is a plant widely applied in medicine for its rich healing characteristics. Though it may seem the plant can result in skin irritation, it was proved long ago that it’s not only harmless, but even vital in terms of hair loss treatment. For the treatment to take effect nettle roots should be used. An element contained there is capable of decreasing 5a-reductase levels. The latter is responsible for producing dihydrotestosterone. Thus hair loss is impeded and follicles start producing hair anew. Nettle is also contained in the most effective hair loss remedies like Provillus. The herb is actually efficient in treating hair loss in males, as well.

Nettle root and palmetto are widely known for their miraculous capacity to treat female pattern baldness. These plants are also characteristic of being more effective than other herbal components applied for curing hair loss. However, the treatment you’ll have to undergo with their use is gradual. Belonging to a class of herbal treatments, nettle and palmetto are not quick in preventing hair loss. So, using them to address the issue needs some patience. Still, there is a wide range of alternatives applied to treat hair thinning in females, and combining them with these ones would likely bring more effect.

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