How to Make Hair Healthy and Thick

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Hair loss is a problem, common to both males and females. Seeking for a unique remedy from hair loss can result in nothing, as much is being promised, but there’s no evidence it would really be effective. There is no self-protection from hair thinning as the causes which lead to it are numerous. Any process affecting the body negatively, be it a toxic medicine, or stress, or illness, can be a reason for hair loss. It’s a major problem to be considered.

Commonly hair increases in length for 1 cm a month, and almost all hair you have is continually growing. It’s not that frightening if you lose some hair, because it provides basis for new and strong hair. But when you lose hair in considerable amounts, there’s a reason to get anxious and impede the process, for you can lose it forever.

The following are the common reasons which lead to hair loss, and one of them can explain your case.

Hair Style and Hair Tint: Some hairstyles, which block hair freedom, can result in eventual hair thinning. Making a ponytail, for example, can result in skin scars, which lead to hair loss and follicle damage. Tints and dyes you apply for making yourself stylish and up-to-date can gradually result in hair loss. The majority of remedies used for curing hair loss are useless in these cases.

Pregnancy: It’s a common case to lose hair when you get pregnant and even after your child is born. When hormone levels are at their excess point, they can affect any process in the body, including hair growth. Still, you will likely get your hair back in some months, when the hormones return to their norm.

Medical remedies: Some medicines you may be prescribed can result in hair loss. Commonly, the body returns to its normal balance after you finish the course. Remedies, applied to treat cancer, arthritis, as well as vitamin A in considerable doses can cause hair thinning.

Diet: When your body lacks necessary substances, it may lead to hair loss. If the meals you are used to consume are rich in fats, it can also result in hair loss, as unhealthy food slows body processes.

Diseases: Mycotic infections are also responsible for thinning human’s hair. If found on the scalp, they should be cured, and hair balance would renew.

If nothing corresponds to your case, it’s not yet a reason to get frustrated and distressed, as it may only worsen the condition. There are many ways to solve the problem.

In most cases the only cure necessary to prevent hair loss is to bring your follicles back to life. And it’s not surgery or medications that are needed to serve the purpose. There are two remedies which will eventually renew your hair.

They consist in two components necessary for hair growth renewal, namely, vitamins and minerals. To provide the follicles with the substances mentioned it’s necessary to combine a cream and take vitamins on a regular basis. So it would not result in any troubles on your side.

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