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Ovulation is a process which takes place in a female organism every menstrual period. An ovule which matures in a follicle gets out of it and starts moving towards the womb. If it’s fertilized, an ovule turns into an embryo and a woman gets pregnant, if not, it dies in the womb.

Ovulation test is a guaranteed aid in determining the day of ovulation. It works by detecting increased concentration of lutropin in the urine. This hormone is excreted in higher doses when ovulation takes place, and after it. The test uses special agents to detect the hormone. Commonly, there are several units in a pack of ovulation test to let you track and diagnose the day of ovulation precisely.

The first step you should take before applying the test is to track your menstrual period for several months, at least, four of them. Then you should choose the shortest period of all, and count the fourteenth day from its end. That would be the day you should start using the test.

The second step consists in using the test itself. Unpack the kit, take one unit. Sink the test into the volume with your urine for 10 seconds. If a control line appears the test is valid. Wait several minutes for your results to reveal themselves. If the results are negative, the control line will stay alone. In this case you should continue using the test the next day. If these results are positive, the test would indicate it by another line or somehow else.

When you see the results are positive, it is necessary that you have an intercourse in the following 36 hours to succeed. The validity of the test results are guaranteed, however, your chances to get pregnant will depend on your actions.

Remember that smoking, taking alcohol can’t affect the results of the test. Though, they can affect the menstrual period itself. Ovulation test should not be used to avoid pregnancy. If you detect ovulation, it does not mean that you are safe from getting pregnant in a couple of days after it.

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