Track Your Sexual Desire to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

Thursday, April 15th, 2010 No Comments Under: Premature Ejaculation

Sexual desire is a major reason which leads to erection, so to time your sexual activity yourself, independently from the organism, you need to watch it carefully. The Internet is full of directions one can follow in order to impede premature ejaculation, as well as remedies available to fix the issue.

But if you are not capable of controlling sexual desire, none of them will be really effective in your case, be it a cheap remedy, or an expensive treatment. If you don’t care about the level of sexual desire, you won’t be able to enjoy a long sexual act. Reaching the peak of excitement you’ll simply ejaculate and thus finish the intercourse.

Is it ever possible to rule your feelings and sensations by yourself? Speaking frankly, how to check your emotions and sexual desire, when your highly desired lover is close to you and waits for further actions?

Some consider it unreal, still it is a reality, which helps many males to be in control of their sexual emotions and end in a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

List the factors which contribute to your sexual desire

In order to influence the system it is necessary to learn what can influence it, to make its possible for the mind to affect the sensations. Commonly sexual desire starts with certain ideas which are born in your head. So you should not ever allow yourself to be fought by sexual ideas, as this will prevent you from uncontrolled feeling which leads to premature ejaculation.

Don’t pay attention to your partner’s shapes, think of her feelings. Don’t concentrate totally on your sensations in the genital area, but rather try to analyze how your body feels in this intercourse, thinking of it as of a therapy. In a nutshell, don’t make ejaculation your core aim, but try to relax and get satisfaction from the process itself.

Let your body relax

Sexual relations are very important to men, some of them can arouse only from an idea connected with them. Commonly, when a man is prepared for the intercourse in his mind, it is harder for him to get calm when the proper time comes.

When having an intercourse, don’t lose your head but carefully supervise the duration of the act. Let your organism relax and make it possible for your partner to experience all the happiness of mutual satisfaction.

When you live in symbiosis with your own organism it’s much easier to control your cravings and real body demands. Tracking your sexual desire it is possible to make your body act as you wish and let the end-point come whenever you consider it timely.

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