5 Ways to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

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Neither males, nor females are happy to live with a partner who has any problems with sexual life, especially when it comes to premature ejaculation in men. The men themselves, though, are highly confused about the issue if they suffer from it. Really, the rate of their confusion is so high, that they would rather suffer from a hardly cured disease than from premature ejaculation.

As multiple researches have stated, erectile dysfunction is even less common among men, than premature ejaculation. This issue consists in disability to control the process of ejaculation, with the latter accomplishing too fast, even before the penis gets into the vagina. Besides, the problem is common for a sexually active category of men, and has no distinction in affecting this or that type of males. So anybody has a chance to face the problem.

The main step you should take is to define the reason for your case of premature ejaculation

There are several of them, starting from emotional distress, bad mood, weak state of certain muscles, absence of verbal contact or nervous state of a man (especially, when it is said about his first experience).

The ways to address the issue are numerous, with several of them being quite cheap for your pocket, so you won’t have to become a millionaire. The 5 ways listed below are the most commonly applied:

Special tablets addressing the issue of premature ejaculation can give you some assistance. They are available either on the Internet, or in local pharmacies. The majority of them are based on natural components, and their producers give a money back guarantee. So for those who prefer a straightforward solution, they are an excellent choice.

Gels, sprays and other remedies of this kind are supposed to diminish the hyperexcitability of the penis and thus prolong the sexual intercourse. Still, if this remedy contacts the skin or vaginal tissues of your sexual partner, it can decrease her sexual desire and libido as well, so the intercourse would be a complete fiasco. Moreover, these remedies don’t guarantee permanent results.

There are several synthetic medicines prescribed by the health-care providers which can help fight the issue, for instance, anti-depressants. Still, they have one major side effect on the organism, as the body develops an addiction.

Premature ejaculation can also be prevented by physical exercises, which bring Kegel muscles into play. If you have strong muscles, it is easier to control them and impede ejaculation when it is necessary. This activity consists in contracting the muscles in the penile area for five seconds, and then relaxing them for the same period. This action should be done in series several times a day. To be more exact, you should use the muscles, responsible for letting the urine out or seizing it when you want. Kegel muscles can be trained everywhere and any time.

Special rings for the penis are also invented to help address premature ejaculation issue. The result is achieved due to the fact that these rings prevent excess blood supply to the penile area, which help you to achieve an erection when necessary. Still, its convenience is very much argued, as well as its safety. So this method is not the best one among the previously mentioned here.

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