The Causes and Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

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The condition in which a man reaches the peak of sexual intercourse quicker, than his partner achieves an orgasm, is called premature ejaculation. Commonly, this condition happens with any man at least once in his life. A man is especially exposed to the issue when the relations are extremely passionate. Passion always contributes to one’s libido. So it is possible for a man to get aroused quicker. Males who only start their sexual life and have no experience, as well as men who have lived without sex for a long time, are more likely to suffer from it. Sometimes, it’s a disorder in the organism which lies behind the issue.

The main problem commonly leading to premature ejaculation is the anxious state of a man. Usually the issue is eliminated with the help of verbal contact. Not only males, but also females are exposed to the problem. When both get relaxed everything gets balanced.

Impeding premature ejaculation in its root

The best way to avoid the condition is to control the sensations. If one is on the way to ejaculating and feels it, he may hold back from it for a moment. When you turn the ideas far from the intercourse you can control the process for some time. This will help you go on and get necessary satisfaction before ejaculation comes.

Pausing an intercourse for a moment can also give some assistance. You should get the penis out, whenever you want to make the intercourse longer.

To impede ejaculation you can also squeeze a bit of liquid from the penis. Then the intercourse should be paused for nearly half a minute. Cooling down for a moment will help you hold longer in an intercourse. The procedure can be processed for several times, when necessary. The previous technique works best in assistance with the mentioned one.

The market offerings for the problem can also be recommended. A special cream for decreasing sensitivity can be applied to the penis directly. Additional assistance is provided when you choose condoms of thick material. There are also capable of diminishing the arousal.

Another good method is to turn to a continuous foreplay. This won’t make you ejaculate later, but rather make your partner achieve an orgasm quicker. Getting experienced it is possible to come to mutual satisfaction.

Onanism is surprisingly a good addition to the methods mentioned. Getting experienced in controlling ejaculations provides successful results.

Don’t expect these solutions to be instant. They require time and patience from you. In some days the situation will get better. You can also ask a doctor specialized in this area to help you, if nothing else seems to be helpful.

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