Mammoplasty – Surgical Breast Enhancement

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To make the breast shape better women may apply even to surgical ways of breast enhancement. There are two reasons for which females enhance their breast: they are either dissatisfied with its shape, or dissatisfied with its size. As both these factors can hardly be addressed in a natural way, especially when the condition is sad, women turn to mammoplasty.

Mammoplasty, as a way of breast enhancement, consists in inserting implants into the breast, in order to provide the shape and size wanted. There are several types of implants, both in form and in size. The most spread ones are of natural and round shape. These can be of different materials, as well. They can be saline and silicon, filled with gel. Saline implants were especially popular in 1990s, but nowadays the industry is turned towards silicon implant implementation.

The size and form of your implants, as well as the place where these implants will be inserted, is consulted with you doctor, who defines what type is the most appropriate according to the shape and structure of your breasts.

The type of implant insertion is also spoken of, as it depends on the place where you want the insection to take place. This can be made in the axillary crease, under the breast areola, or in the skin fold under the breast itself. The latter one is the most common and the easiest way to insert the implants and it’s commonly recommended as the safest. Other ways are more complicated and difficult to employ, but can be considered as alternative ones.

You should also remember that mammoplasty as every surgery has a recovery period, when you should be supervised by the doctor. At first, the breast seems larger than you wanted, but with time everything normalizes.

One side effect connected with surgical breast enhancement is constrictive fibrosis. In other words, it happens when your organism rejects the foreign body, causing pains and changing the breast shape. It happens in 1 to 7 % of surgery cases, but has a place.

Being a guaranteed way to keep your breast in shape, mammoplasty, like any surgical procedure, is an invasive way of breast enhancement, though quite effective and approved by doctors.

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