How to Escape Menopause Symptoms

Monday, September 21st, 2009 No Comments Under: Menopause

Menopause is a period every woman is afraid of. Still, being young, hardly any woman thinks of it, and when the time comes, she has to admit that she is not ready to face the issue. At least, the majority of women states this. However, even if it is not possible to escape menopause, it’s quite possible to get rid of its symptoms.

The symptoms of menopause are as follows:

– Hot flushes

– Insomnia

– Instant mood change

– Weight gain

– Depression

– Tiredness

These symptoms are connected with the estrogen decrease in the female organism. So, to fight the menopause symptoms, the best way is to somehow increase estrogen levels in the body, but not to treat the symptoms separately.

There are two ways to increase estrogen in the organism: chemical and natural. Chemical way consists in estrogen replacement, a popular therapy used by traditional medicine nowadays. Human estrogen is replaced by synthetic estrogen in order to help a woman overcome menopause successfully. Still, it is not as safe as it may seem, and may lead to such side effects like breast cancer and other major issues. For this reason more and more women abandon it as a technology to fight menopause. However, in the US only hormone replacement therapy generates a profit of 8 billion US dollars on average.

The safer and more effective technology is an herbal therapy, which consists in taking phitoestrogen instead of synthetic estrogen. It can help renew the natural estrogen balance in a woman, relieving her of menopausal symptoms. Besides, it poses no threat to the organism, as it is natural and, thus, completely harmless.

In order to prevent serious menopause onset, it is necessary to lead a healthy way of life when you are young. A healthy body is more likely to overcome this period without any losses. If so, you won’t need to address to any therapy, be it chemical or herbal one.

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