The Reasons for Low Testosterone

Monday, September 21st, 2009 No Comments Under: Erectile Dysfunction

Hormone testosterone is excreted by male genital gland. This hormone is essential for normal body functioning and its lack can negatively affect the organism. Testosterone amount is gradually diminishing as a man becomes of older age. Commonly, testosterone levels do not correspond to norm when a man is nearly 60 and more. Low testosterone leads to lack of libido, bad mood and excessive tiredness.

So the original reason of low testosterone amount is the dysfunction of genital gland. When testosterone levels decrease the organism is totally rebuilt and is inclined to change in its chemical content. Another reason for low testosterone is the lack of other hormones, excreted by a certain area in the brain. If something negatively affects this area or genital glands it will definitely lead to low testosterone as well.

Testosterone levels are affected by several factors. These may vary from medicine effects on the body to genital gland disorder and hormonal misbalance in the organism. Genital gland disorder can be reasoned by any damage in the area. Hormones, specific for males only, can also be the reason of low testosterone, when there is a lack of them in the body. Chronic diseases, medical operations, inflammations, unhealthy diet and brain damage are also the possible reasons for testosterone decrease.

Testosterone excretion also depends on the wellness. Cigarette smoking, insufficient physical activity, alcoholism and bad eating habits are also to blame for disorders happening in the reproductive system. If unhealthy lifestyle is a major reason for erectile dysfunction it can be easily corrected. Testosterone production can be affected by insufficient blood supply to the glands, prescribed drugs and even emotional state.

There are two popular ways to enhance testosterone production: testosterone replacement and natural therapy, employing herbs which enhance glands activity.

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