Discover the Complications of Low Testosterone

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Consequences of Low Testosterone

The majority of males, when they notice any uncertainties in emotional state or physical condition, think that they are aging. But these signs are not properly connected with getting older, but more with testosterone drop in the organism.

It is commonly acknowledged that testosterone affect only sexual activity and hair coat, but this hormone is responsible for a lot more functions in the body, and its levels affect other areas of human health.

Testosterone influences psychological state

Testosterone plays its role in controlling sexual desire, body mass, emotional condition and energy levels. These components of psychological and physical health are important in total wellness of a man. If testosterone decreases, it may lead to bad emotional state and even depression.

Consequences of low testosterone production include unstable emotional state, weak mind productivity, decreased physical activity and feeling of total psychological distress. Due to these problems a man commonly shows signs of poor role performance as a family head, a sexual partner or a business person.

Testosterone affects sexual function

The majority of males notice that something goes wrong with their sexual life as they grow older. Testosterone excretion is directly linked with man’s ability to have a strong erection. Consequently, lack of testosterone can result in full impotence or temporary inability to act properly when it is necessary in a sexual intercourse. So, males have a decline in libido and crave for getting the sexual boost they have once used to reach when they were younger.

Impotence and lack of sexual desire is linked with overall confidence. In addition to low emotional state a man whose testosterone levels have dropped can have excess weight. Testosterone is responsible for metabolizing fats in the body, and its amount is insufficient, fats start accumulating in the organism. The majority of males see their bellies increase.

Low testosterone is also to blame for lack of physical strength and cheerfulness. The process of weight gaining is further worsened by inability to lose it with the help of physical activity, resulting in a complex issue for the majority of men. In all, emotional state combined with physical inactivity and sexual life disorders turn to a crisis.

According to scientific researches low testosterone is to blame for poorer insulin excretion, thus leading to diabetes. Diabetic men have been diagnosed as having less testosterone in blood than their healthy counterparts. This kind of diabetic disease can also result in atherosclerosis that can further result in heart disease.

The consequences mentioned above are hard to ignore, but of those having low testosterone only a tenth consults a doctor to receive a prescription or overcome a therapy. It may be that even in your surrounding there is a male with low testosterone levels who has no idea how to treat his “crisis”. If it’s connected with your own experience, you should definitely address to a health-care provider.

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