Some Facts about Low Testosterone

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Testosterone is a hormone, responsible for many processes in the body, and if it decreases you can notice some changes in your behavior and state. But if you know that this or that problem is caused by testosterone levels, it would be easier to address it.

How to Determine if Your Testosterone Levels Are Low?

Sometimes a man can do much to improve his physical form and appearance, but with no positive results. This may be due to the fact that testosterone levels have dropped. Of course, you can’t tell definitely if it’s testosterone that causes the problem, but it can definitely belong to the number of reasons. But if your are uselessly torturing yourself with exercises and simultaneously notice your libido decrease it’s time to pay attention to it, and visit your health-care provider to be checked. You may have to overcome an analysis and receive a prescription for certain remedies.

What Age Is More Likely to Be Connected with the Problem?

When a man is young and strong, he should not be bothered by the fact his testosterone levels can drop, while those who are over thirty can already face some changes. A sign you should definitely consider as low testosterone consequence is decreased libido or general weakness.

Is Low Testosterone Issue Actual for Women?

Females can be exposed to testosterone drops as well. Female hormone estrogen is the main substance which makes woman a woman in general sense. But testosterone is also contained in their blood. As for males, the amount of testosterone in their bodies is from 300 to 1250 nano-grams for one deciliter.

In females this amount is three times lower. Due to the aging process estrogen gradually drops and testosterone has an influence of women’s lives, changing their emotional state and behavior. Still, low testosterone symptoms are less marked in females.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

The main factors which show your testosterone has dropped are:

1. Your libido can diminish day by day. This symptom, however, is more characteristic for males, than for females.

2. During a sexual intercourse you may experience some difficulties with reaching an erection or be unable to reach it at all.

3. Common affairs you used to be engaged in can require more forces, even in case if they are not connected with physical activity.

4. Your emotional state becomes unstable, and it is a common practice for you to have switches from elevated to low mood.

5. When applying testosterone replacement therapy, emotional changes can happen if the therapy is paused, but when it renews, stable mood returns again.

6. It is possible for you to become physically weaker.

7. You have to spend more time and mind power for usual work.

8. Physical activity is no more a satisfactory one for you.

The symptoms mentioned here should necessarily be addressed and need medical observation to be eliminated.

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