Slimming Diet May Lead to Low Testosterone

Monday, September 21st, 2009 No Comments Under: Erectile Dysfunction

Over one fourth of people in the US turn to slimming diets to fight excess weight, but give up this idea in a month or more.

There are many examples of slimming diets that actually led to opposite results in some cases, ending in their carriers’ disappointment. Those who applied to these diets had to state that in several weeks or even months of the diet their weight stopped and then started growing again. Being disappointed, they returned to their unhealthy eating habits and even noticed they managed to lose excess kilograms they gained.

No idea of why these things happen, and whether it is really necessary to start a diet? Actually, it’s usual for people who restrict themselves too much to start gaining weight again. Due to this reason more and more people think that slimming diets are harmful for metabolism. Consequently, they are convinced there is no use in a diet which threats the organism.

Still, everybody who thinks so is mistaken; due to the fact that it has already been scientifically proven that any diet brings no changes to metabolism in the body. The real cause in weight gaining lies in testosterone.

Decreasing or eliminating any kind of food, for instance, containing carbohydrates, from everyday meals leads to lessened excretion of testosterone by the organism. When physical exercises are added to the slimming program, testosterone production boosts again, in order to prevent the absence of carbohydrates from negative influence on the organism.

By decreasing fats you are also inclined to decrease testosterone excretion. The fewer fatty food you consume, the lesser is the amount of testosterone excreted. The problem is also solved by physical activity, which boosts the excretion of the hormone and makes your body’s metabolic rates normal.

Protein should be carefully addressed because it can diminish testosterone amounts when the diet contains too much of the substance. Still, the situation, on the opposite, affects hGH production and makes it more intensive.

So the principal cause for impeding weight loss is to apply the diet without physical exercises, as it can lead to misbalance in hormone excretion. When the necessary amount of food eliminated is again introduced to the eating habits, it leads to testosterone reappearance and thus leads to losing weight.

Thus, to make the hormone levels normal and lead a successful and healthy life you should turn to physical exercises and eat the food which contains all kinds of substances, like protein, carbohydrates and fats.

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