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  1. George

    Perhaps some of you reading this know that losing hair at 30 is quite a sad experience. I lost much of it till I came to conclusion it’s necessary to do something. Hair replacement therapy was one of the choices, but it seemed too expensive for me to pay so much to be handsome. I started looking for a herbal remedy that will suit my needs and won’t cost too much. Of course I knew it would be something which acts on a system level and takes some time to produce a visible action. Now, after a half a year of regular use I can state that TrichoZed is a real hope for the unhopeful. My new hair is still not as long as in the other parts of the scalp, but it grows, and it will reach the needed length.

  2. Zayne

    When you stand in a bus and smile to a woman and she gives you place – what can be more offending? Of course she didn’t mean to offend me, but that day was the moment I decided to improve my appearance. I’m a middle class man over 40, and i’m almost bald at the moment. Still, I’m not as bald as I was three months ago, when I first took TrichoZed. There is some hair now, and I hope she’ll never confuse me with an old chap.

  3. Tony

    Sometime ago it was prestigious to be bald among men. But nowadays we don’t have long beard and hair is what any woman likes too see on the head of her man. That’s why I’ve chosen TrichoZed.

  4. Ethan

    Girls are lucky to have wigs, and if a guy puts on a wig his mates will make fun of it. And natural hair is surely better than artificial, so there’s something to fight for. I understood it when TrichoZed took force. Only a month has passed since I took it for the first time, and there’s already some improvement. I have more hair, and it looks great! I never felt better.

  5. Isaac

    While fighting for good looks (yes, guys also fight for it sometimes), i had to wear a cap wherever I went. It was quite disappointing, and sometimes even inconvenient, especially when we speak of summer. But cap is not hair, and sometimes you have to take it off. With TrichoZed you may take it off forever.

  6. Cian

    My little one liked to play with my patch very much. But now he plays with my hair. It hurts, but it’s worth growing!

  7. Emily

    My love took this supplement for a while, and we see an improvement even now! I wonder what it would be in a year, but hair started growing, even in parts where there were no signs of it. Im happy with the looks, and it makes me happier month by month. Well, I don’t know! I thought this trouble can only be solved by special operations, and now I see there is a way to do it cheaper.

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