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  1. Samuel

    What could be better than the feeling of freedom? No craving to smoke, no awful smell, no burned clothes, no monthly expenses, etc, etc, etc… That’s all I managed to reach by taking NicoNot.

  2. Kaida

    Planning a baby was a very important and natural decision for me. As a future mom I realized that smoking and pregnancy are incompatible. Of course some women smoke when they are pregnant, but I thought it’s inadmissible. My baby’s health means much more than my habits, so i had to quit smoking. But the question was how to do it in the least invasive and the most effective way. I tried planning my days, taking nicotine products, some artificial substitutes, and more, and more, and more… But this was useless. Then somehow I read a review on NicoNot on the internet and decided to try it as a last remedy. Surprisingly, it helped me! Of course you shouldn’t think of smoking all the day round, should make yourself busy and develop a motivation, which in my case was conceiving a baby. And NicoNot would be a reasonable support.

  3. Nora

    You know what it means when a handsome guy wants to hug you passionately and drives his nose away because of your smell. Your clothes are ‘soaked’ with this smell; you can’t eliminate it with washing, as it penetrates into the fabric again and again. You can’t kiss without cleaning your teeth or chewing a gum, you can’t save your new dress from burned patches. With NicoNot you CAN. I could.

  4. Andy

    The first step I made towards quitting smoking was after I caught an acute cold, as my mother-in-law (who’s a non-smoker and an allergic) drew me outside to the frost to smoke another cigarette. NicoNot was a great aid, I managed to do it in two months.

  5. Bradyn

    It’s an eternal question, I must say, and there is no definite answer to the question, how to quit smoking. In my case it was a combination of free will, careful planning, and of course, NicoNot. Without NicoNot it would have been much, much more difficult, I should say, and here it was the main component. Of course, someone or something should stimulate you as well.

  6. Mitesh

    I found this remedy after a month I stopped smoking, and it was a real breakthrough. No more craving and other withdrawal stuff…

  7. Quintana

    My mom always said smoking is more than addiction; it is something psychological in its nature. A widely approved narcotic substance, a means to soothe one’s nerves, a company habit. These features complicate the process of quitting. But, for sure, NicoNot makes it easier. It makes you look at cigarettes from a different angle, and consider it a bad habit, but not a good one, or something else.

  8. Vesper

    NicoNot helped me overcome all the nervousness which accompanied my hard task of quitting smoking which I thought to be a must because of my boyfriend’s wish. Now it’s all better and quite easier.

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