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Biological Name: Alismatis orientalisAlisma

Family: Alismataceae

Other Names: water plantain rhizome, Alisma, ze xie

Elements applied: Root is the core element used in herbal medicine

Used For:  The plant is known to produce a diuretic effect. Eliminates harmful microorganisms. Used a remedy for high arterial pressure, and known for its ability to decrease sugar levels in blood. The herb is also applied in cases of diarrhea, urinary disorders, and edema.

Preparation and intake: The commonly used dose of alisma is 9 grams on average, with 6 being the minimal value, and 12 being the maximal one.

Safety: Alisma is not recommended to apply in cases of discharge from vagina and seminal excretion. It should also be avoided in case of kidney dysfunction.