Bearded Darnel

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Biological Name: Lolium temulentumBearded darnel

Other Names: tare, bearded darnel, Cheat

Elements Applied: Seeds are commonly used in herbal medicine

Used For: Bearded darnel was applied by health-care providers to relieve giddiness, blood congestion, insomnia, and digestive conditions. The remedy is applied externally for healing sores, scurf, and herpes.

Warning! The plant is poisonous. Not recommended for internal use.

Additional Info: Bearded darnel grows annually and is commonly found at the roadsides, in moist areas and grain fields. The stem appearing from the rootstock can reach up to 3 feet high. It’s covered with oblong, flat leaves. The flowers appear in a spike which includes up to 7 spikelets. The seed the flower produces is yellow or brown-colored and a bit flattened.

Safety: The plant should not be applied without medicinal supervision as it can threat your health and life. There are various herbal alternatives to the entire range of its applications, both internal and topical.

Not recommended for use.