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Biological Name: Ceratonia siliquaCarob

Other Names: Carob, John’s bread, St-john’s bread

Elements Applied: Pods and seeds are commonly applied in herbal medicine.

Active Components:  Carob is mostly constituted of tannins and sugars (carbohydrates). Due to its sugar content, which makes the remedy capable of absorbing water, carob is applied for constipation.

Carob’s tannins, which can’t be dissolved in water, don’t block proteins as opposite to some tannins. Tannins, included in carob, are potent of blocking toxic substances and decrease bacterial growth. These properties are highly necessary when it comes to treating diarrhea.

Sugars and fiber are responsible for making nutritional substances viscous, thus preventing acid reversal to the esophagus.

History: Carob has been employed as meals for a certain period. According to the legend, it was consumed by John the Baptist, which makes its second name (St. John’s beard) understandable. Carob’s pods have been one of the most popular remedies for diarrhea for a long period.

Used For: Carob is applied to treat heartburn, indigestion, and diarrhea.

Additional Info: Carob is indigenous to the Mediterranean countries and western areas of Asia. Nowadays, it’s specially raised mainly in the Mediterranean area. Pods are applicable for medical purposes. Carob pods are produced by an evergreen plant, and the gum excreted from carob seeds is named locust bean gum.

Preparation and Intake: If given to children, carob powder (15 g) is aided by apple juice. A common dose for grown-ups is a minimum of 20 grams. If needed, the powder is aided by sweet potatoes or apple sauce. Carob is supplied by generous amounts of water.

Keep in mind that diarrhea in children should be necessarily supervised by health-care providers, while providing sufficient liquid supply, rich in electrolytes, is a must.

Safety: Despite of anecdotal reports of allergy to carob, the herb is considered safe in general.