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Biological Name: Stellaria mediaChickweed

Other Names: Addre’s mouth, Chickweed, Indian chickweed, tongue grass, satin flower, star chickweed, starwort, starweed, stitchwort, winterweed, tongue-grass

Elements Applied: The commonly applied parts of the plant are its leaves.

Active Components:

There is no exact information with regard to active components of this plant. The main elements which are considered to produce a positive effect on one’s health are flavonoids and vitamins, found in chickweed. Long ago this herb was referred to as a proven remedy for rheumatism, still, recently it has been stated that there is no evidence of its effectiveness in the above-mentioned field.


There is some data on the fact that chickweed was used as a food supplement. Being a widely-used medication in herbal medicine, this herb is known for its ability to have a positive impact on the digestive system, respiratory system and even skin. In China this plant was applied in form of a hot drink to cure nose bleeding. The plant was extensively used to treat stomachaches, digestion problems, coughs, bronchitis, various inflammations and so on. Until recently it has been considered a universal remedy for almost every disease.

External application of chickweed is known to produce healing effect on skin sores of different types, as well as reduce inflammations locally (especially those related to throat diseases). Chickweed was even used to treat cancer.

Used for:

Chickweed is used for boosting metabolism, healing inflammations, producing an expectorative effect and giving a relief from cough and respiratory diseases.

Severe skin problems like eczema and minor sores like insect bites are also regarded as cases of chickweed application. Stomach and bowel dysfunction, swollen testes, sore-throat, and various types of wounds are effectively treated by applying chickweed.

Additional Info:

Chickweed is a plant with a lifespan of 1-2 years, met in many areas across the globe, especially in fields, at the side of the road, in waste areas and so on. The scape has the average length of 7 inches and is covered with round-shaped leaves. The plant is characterized by white flowers of compact size.


The main way of its application today is external, that of a creamy substance, applied locally to soothe the symptoms of inflammations and sores, induced by skin diseases. If used internally as an infusion, only 3 ml on average should be used.


Chickweed is known to have totally positive effect on the organism, and poses no threat to one’s health.