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Biological Name: Coicis lachryma-jobiCoix

Family: Gramineae

Other Names: yi yi ren, job’s tears, Coix

Elements Applied: Seed is commonly applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: The herb is used to induce urination, treat rheumatic conditions, relieve spasms, treat inflammations, and cure diarrhea.

Coix is an efficient remedy for heat, dampness, and spleen disorders. The plant is a common part of medical mixtures applied to treat liquid retention in the body and relieve inflammations. It is excellent for the diseases linked with inflammations and edema, like bowel or pulmonary abscesses and edema, phlegm retention, diarrhea, pus, as well as arthritic and rheumatic conditions.

Preparation and Intake: The herb is commonly used at a dose of 9-30 grams.

Mixed with: To relieve bloody urination, dysentery, diarrhea, or edema, mix coix (20 g), alisma (9 g), poria (9 g), atractylodes (9 g).

To relieve arthritic and rheumatic conditions, mix coix (30 g), cinnamon-twig tea aided by rice, and cook a porridge.

Safety: Coix is not recommended for women, pregnant with a baby.