Country mallow

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Biological Name: Sida Spinosa, Sida Rhombifolia, Sida cordifoliaCountry mallow

Family: Malvaceae

Other Names: Mahabala,Yellow barleria, Atibala, Velluram, Athiballached, Vadha, Bala, Tupkadi, Kehetara-ubal-dana, Svetberela, Khangi, Sirramutti, Kheriti, Shamblidebari, Kisangihettutti-gida, Sap-devi, Kotikanbevila, Sadeva, Kulbahebari, Mutheera pulagam, Kurunthotti, Mayir manikkam, Lalbariela

Additional Info: The plant is mostly present in Sri Lanka, India, and other hot countries.

Elements Applied: Stems and roots are the commonly applied elements.

Used For: Sida is considered highly potent in Indian traditional medicine.

Roots and leaves are applied for boosting sexual desire, increasing urination, fighting gonorrhea, and treating piles.

Roots are generally used for curing rheumatic symptoms. Mucilage content in the stems makes them a potent remedy for soothing pains and nervous conditions, when applied both topically and orally. Mucilage is also successfully applied in scorpion bites. If combined with pepper the remedy decreases fevers. The plant is considered potent in treating calculus.

Safety: There is no data concerning the plant’s safety level.