Dried bamboo sap

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Biological Name: Succus bambusaeDried Bamboo Sap

Family: Gramineae

Other Names: zhu li, Dried bamboo sap

Elements Applied: Sap is dried and applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: The herb is applied to induce expectoration, and relieve fevers.

In Chinese medicine the herb is applied for respiratory tract infections, which are accompanied by yellow phlegm evacuation. It is believed to be beneficial for severe coughs with hard expectoration. Chinese homeopathists also use it for psychological disorders induced by the so-called invisible phlegm which affects the heart.

Preparation and Intake: To relieve coughs, the herb is applied at a dose of 9-15 grams, and 30-60 grams for other cases. It is commonly mixed with ginger juice for better effect.

Safety: The herb is not recommended for coughs linked with colds, or in case of spleen deficiency accompanied by diarrhea.