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— Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea purpurea. Echinacea is a famous immunity stimulant used for a wide range of infections, including common colds, flu, ear infections, and so on. Due to its immune system stimulating property echinacea is used as an aid for chemotherapy and radiation applied in cancer. Echinacea is topically applied for poisonous snake and insect bites.


— Sambucus nigra. Elderberry is a highly nutritious plant which has even been used as food. As a medicine, it is widely applied for kidney and urinary tract infections, for boosting urination, and treating inflammations. Additionally it is applied for constipations, skin conditions, herpes simplex virus and influenza.


— Inula helenium. Family Compositae. Elecampane is primarily applied for respiratory conditions of inflammatory character, like acute coughs, bronchitis, and so on. It is also used to improve digestive activity and stomach function. Additionally, the herb is beneficial for skin conditions, if used as a topical remedy.


— Acanthopanox senticosus, Eleutherococcus senticosus. Family Araliaceae. Siberian ginseng has been used in herbal medicine for two thousand years as an immune supporting remedy, as well as a medicine for inflammations of any origin, infections, like influenza and common colds. It is said to relieve stress and other nervous conditions, by reducing the amount of toxins in the body.


— Ephedra trifurca, Ephedra distacha, Ephedra equisetina, Ephedra intermedia, Ephedra sinica. Ephedra is a well-known remedy for respiratory system disorders, like asthma and bronchitis. Its effect is increased by use in combination with expectorative remedies. The plant is also applied as a stimulant. Its additional capacity consists in aiding the weight loss process.


— Eucalyptus globulus. Family Myrtaceae. Eucalyptus is a popular remedy for respiratory conditions, like asthma, bronchitis, and lung diseases. It is additionally used in digestive problems. Due to eucalyptus antiseptic ability the plant is applied externally as a remedy for sores and wounds.

European sanicle

— Sanicula europaea. European sanicle is primarily applied to relieve congestion in the stomach, chest, and intestines. It may also be used as a gargle to treat throat and mouth inflammations and ulcers. The herb is also capable of preventing internal hemorrhage, due to its mild hemostatic capacity.

Evening Primrose

— Oenothffa bionnis. Evening primrose oil helps regulate the production of PGE1 substance in the body, which is responsible for a wide range of processes. Due to this capacity, the herb is used to relieve hypertension, schizophrenia, and premenstrual syndrome.


— Euphrasia officinalis. Eyebright has been conventionally applied as an external remedy to relieve eye conditions and infections, accompanied by various symptoms, including impaired vision. However, nowadays, it is only suggested for internal use with the same purpose, due to sterility concerns.