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Gardenia fruit

— Gardeniae jasminoidis. Family Rubiaceae. Gardenia fruit is mainly used to reduce fevers, especially those associated with irritability and urinary infections. Additionally, the plant is effective in treating various types of hemorrhage.


— Allium sativum. Family Liliaceae. Garlic is a widely used culinary additive, which is characterized by great medical capacity. It can be applied for the whole range of respiratory conditions, some digestive disorders, and nervous diseases. Garlic can also be applied to reduce blood coagulation. Its anti-bacterial capacity has been proven by multiple scientific studies.

Genkwa flower

— Daphnes genkwa. Conventionally, genkwa is characterized by a wide range of applications, like urinary infections, bacterial and fungal infections, coughs, and so on. However, due to its toxicity, it is suggested to find an alternative for these conditions.


— Gentiana lutea. Gentian is applied for a wide range of digestive conditions, including stomachaches, digestive debility, low appetite, liver conditions, and low metabolic rates. It is additionally used to relieve fevers and colds.


— Zingiber officinale. Ginger is a plant with a wide range of positive effects. It's known to produce a favorable effect on digestive and respiratory systems, being a relief in bronchitis, cold, sore-throat, as well as potent of eliminating nausea of all types, including motion sickness, morning nausea, chronic nausea and so on. Used in all kinds of digestive system dysfunctions.

Ginkgo Biloba

— Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo is an ancient tree, which is considered beneficial for health, particularly when it comes to problems, associated with aging process. It helps improve blood circulation, enhance mental activity, treat erectile dysfunction, improve nervous system functionality, and more.

Glauber's salt

— Sodium sulfate. The substance is applied to relieve constipation, which is accompanied by dry feces. It can also be used for healing sores, both topically and internally.

Goats Rue

— Galega officinalis. Family Papilionaceae. Goats Rue is applied to decrease sugar levels in blood, and can thus be used by diabetic patients. It is also beneficial for breastfeeding women, as it increases both the flow and production of breast milk.

Gold Thread

— Coptis trifolia, Coptis teeta. Gold Thread is primarily used to treat digestive system conditions, like stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, gallbladder inflammations, indigestion, and so on. It is also known to be effective in rheumatic conjunctivitis.

Golden Rod

— Solidago virgaurea. Family Compositae. Golden Rod is applied to relieve inflammations in the upper respiratory tract. It is useful for bacterial infections, and can thus be applied for urinary tract conditions, like urethritis and cystitis. Its diuretic capacity contributes to its application for urinary conditions.


— Hydrastis canadensis. Conventionally, goldenseal is applied for a wide range of conditions. It is used for digestive disorders, respiratory tract inflammations, like sore throats and colds. Additionally, as a local remedy it can be applied to treat skin conditions and eruptions. The herb is also used to relieve urinary infections.

Gotu Kola

— Hydrocotyle asiatica, Centella asiatica. Family Umbelliferae. Gotu Kola is highly valued in Indian and Chinese medicine due to its capacity to rejuvenate the body and the nervous system in particular. Due to this reason the herb is applied for nervous conditions, like depression, breakdowns, stress, and so on. Additionally, Gotu Kola is used as a remedy for rheumatism, burns, skin sores and inflammations. Prevents scarring.


— Citrus paradisi. Family Rutaceae. Grapefruit is a highly nutritional plant, which is rich in potassium, and vitamin C. It can be used to stimulate appetite, treat heart conditions, and decrease cholesterol levels in blood. It may also be used to reduce the possibility of cancer, especially prostate cancer. Grapefruit can be helpful in a range of inflammatory conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Gravel Root

— Eupatorium purpureum. Family Compositae. Gravel Root’s primary application consists in treating gravel and kidney stones. The herb may be additionally applied to relieve urinary tract infections, like urethritis and cystitis.

Green Tea

— Camellia sinensis. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, due to which reason it can be used to prevent several kinds of cancer. Additionally, it is applied to reduce blood pressure, and decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in blood, thus preventing atherosclerosis. In China the herb is used to energize the body.


— Grindelia spp. Family Compositae. Grindelia is primarily applied to soothe upper respiratory tract conditions, like coughs and bronchitis. It may also relieve asthma. Due to its soothing property the plant is used to treat heart disorders, accompanied by elevated pulse.


— Guaiacum officinale. Family Zygophyllaceae. Guaiacum is used for treating rheumatic conditions, particularly those accompanied by pains and inflammations. It is very useful in treating gout, and may be applied in its chronic cases.

Guar gum

— Cyanopsis tetragonoloba. The herb is primarily applied to decrease cholesterol (especially, bad cholesterol) levels in blood. It is quite useful when it comes to reducing sugar levels in blood, as well. Conventionally, the herb is applied to relieve constipation.


— Paullinia cupana. Guarana is particularly useful in treating migraine headaches, due to its caffeine content. It may also be applied to energize the organism, stimulate the brain, and even treat diarrhea. Taken orally, or as an injection, it slightly reduces blood clotting.


— Cocculuc cordifolia, Menisper mum cordifolium, Tinosporia cordifolia. Family Menispermaceae. Guduchi is applied to boost one’s digestion, treat constipation and liver disorders, as well as purify blood, even in case of cancer and immune system diseases like AIDS.


— Commiphora mukul. First and foremost this herb is applied to regulate triglyceride and cholesterol levels in blood. It may be thus used to prevent atherosclerosis, particularly coronary artery blockage. It may be applied as an effective alternative for cholesterol-decreasing chemical medicines.


— Gypsum fibrosum. Gypsum is used to treat nervous conditions. It is an effective relief for inflammations, both topical and internal. Additionally, the herb is applied for fevers, bleeding gums and other mouth sores.