Gold Thread

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Biological Name: Coptis trifolia, Coptis teetaGold Thread

Other Names: Mamira, canker root, Gold Thread, mouth root, Mamira, yellow root, Mishamitita

Additional Info: The plant is indigenous to mountainous areas of India.

Elements Applied: Dried root is commonly applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: The herb is known to increase metabolic rates, reduce fevers, and stimulate the digestive system due to its bitter taste.

The range of conditions in which Gold Thread is applied includes: vaginal infections, ulcers, ulcerative colitis, sore throat (gargling), jaundice, stomach inflammations, rheumatic conjunctivitis, recurrent gallbladder inflammations, dyspepsia, indigestion, debility, and mouth sores.

Preparation and Intake: The remedy is applied in form of extract, infusion, powder, eye salve, or paste.

Safety: The remedy should be avoided by people exposed to vomiting or sickness associated with stomach dysfunction or diarrhea, which occurred due to kidney or spleen deficiency. Prolonged usage may affect stomach and spleen.

There is no additional data concerning the herb’s safety level. Exercise care. Herbs applied in Ayurvedic medicine are commonly mixed with other herbal extracts to reduce the negative effect one of them can produce on the body.

Not recommended to use without medical control.