Indian Valerian

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Biological Name: Valeriana brunoniana, Valeriana leschenauitic, Valeriana wallichiiIndian Valerian

Other Names: Tagar, Sugandh-bala, Indian Valerian, Bala-tagra, Tagara

Additional Info: The plant is native to Afghanistan, Bhutan, and India.

Elements Applied: The rootstock is the commonly applied element.

Used for: The herb is potent of stimulating the nervous system, reducing spasms, soothing nerves, stimulating the stomach, reducing flatulence, and soothing the nervous system.

The list of diseases cured by the plant includes: vertigo, stress, spasms, chronic skin conditions, palpitations, neuralgia, nervous exhaustion, migraine, menstrual spasms, insomnia, hysteria, flatulence, fainting, epilepsy, dysmenorrhea, delirium, nervous debility, cough, convulsions, and colic.

The plant is also potent of eliminating harmful substances, accumulated in joints, blood, nerves, and the bowels.

Preparation and Intake: The plant is applied in form of pills, powder, decoction, and infusion.

Safety: Warning! Prolonged usage may result in mental weakness, paralysis, and some serious health conditions.

The herb is suggested to use only under medical supervision, or should be avoided at all. Exercise extreme care when using it.

There is no additional data concerning the plant’s safety level.