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— Arisaema consanguineum. Family Araceae. Jack-in-the-pulpit is a potent plant used to treat respiratory system conditions, accompanied with coughs, especially severe ones. It moves mucus and purifies the respiratory tract. The plant is also applied to soothe pains.

Jamaican Dogwood

— Piscidia erythrina. Family Leguminosae. Jamaican Dogwood is beneficial for nervous conditions of any kind, due to its sedative capacity. It may be applied to relieve insomnia, accompanied by anxiety and spasms. Moreover, it is useful for migraine and neuralgia.

Juniper Berries

— Juniperus communis. Family Cupressaceae. Juniper berries are applied to kill infections in the conditions like cystitis. Still, they are not recommended in kidney conditions. Additionally, the herb is applied to improve digestive activity. As a topical remedy it is used for muscle and joint pains.