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Biological Name: Arisaema consanguineumJack in the pulpit

Family: Araceae

Other Names: arisaema rhizome, tian nan xing, Jack-in-the-pulpit

Elements applied: Rootstock is an element considered generally potent in herbal medicine.

Used For: The remedy is applied due to its capacity to reduce pains, convulsions, fight tumors, produce a soothing effect on the nervous system, and evacuate excess mucus from the respiratory tract.

The plant is an effective treatment for colds and annoying mucus which is hard to expectorate. It is applied to treat diseases accompanied with spasms, convulsions, dizziness, epilepsy, stroke, or paralysis.

In China the plant is applied for treating cancers internally, and locally to cure abscesses, sores, and other skin conditions. In case of topical application the root is not processed, and if taken internally the root needs some preparation or is applied together with ginger or any other herb which can reduce its toxicity.

Preparation and Intake: The commonly applied dose is 6 grams on average.

Safety: Arisaema rootstock in not applicable for pregnant women, or for those whose moisture balance in the organism is unstable.

Warning! The plant may cause poisoning.