Malabar Nut

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Biological Name: Adenanthera vasika, Adhatoda vasikaMalabar Nut

Other Names: Vasaka, Malabar Nut, Adosa, Vasa

Additional Info: The plant can be found all over India.

Elements Applied: Almost all plant’s elements are considered healing. Among them are root, flowers, leaves and the bark.

Used for: The plant is potent of improving the organism’s total functionality and state. Due to its expectorative characteristics it’s also used to treat respiratory system disorders, like: asthma, bronchitis, different types of cough, flu symptoms, and so on. The remedy is also applied to soothe and relieve different kinds of pains, including those induced by epilepsy. The plant is also used externally to treat insect bites (like those of mosquitoes, flies, centipedes and others), skin problems, neuralgia, fevers, dysentery, urinary tract problems, hysteria. Applied to stop vomiting, swelling and wasting. Produced and taken in form of infusion, powders, and extracts.


There is no evidence or data concerning the safety level of the plant. Exercise care when applying it, as herbal remedies utilised in Ayurvedic medicine are commonly mixed with other plants to eliminate the harmful consequences one of them can cause. Therefore, the plant should be taken only after a consultation with a homeopathist or a specialised health-care provider.