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Biological Name: Sida alinifolia, Sida alba, Sida SpinosaNagabala

Other Names: Khar-yashtika,Tukati-khareti, Bonmethi, Sham- lethe-dashti, Gorakchaulia, Pilabarela, Gulsakari, Mayir-mamkkam,  Kadumenthys, Kattuvantiyam, Kantalo-bal

Additional Info: Nagabala is a herb indigenous to the warm areas of Sri Lanka and India.

Elements Applied: The leaves are applied in herbal medicine (for urinary tract conditions). Root bark and the root itself are applied to reduce fever.

Used For: Leaves are characterized by demulcent properties and can be applied in case of scalding urine, gleet, and gonorrhea. Root bark and the root are applied in form of decoction for treating primary stages of fever and debility.

The leaves are pounded in water, then filtered through gauze and taken as a medicine.

Root is processed to form a decoction.

Safety: There is no data concerning the safety level of the plant.