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Biological Name: Notopterygium forbesii, Notopterygii incisumNotopterygium

Family: Umbelliferae

Other Names: Qlang Huo, Notopterygium

Elements Applied: The rootstock is commonly applied in herbal medicine

Used For: The herb is known to boost perspiration and treat rheumatic conditions.

It treats damp, cold, and wind disorders accompanied by pains. The herb is beneficial for treating body aches, soreness, headaches, influenza, and common colds. The herb is particularly useful for people suffering from arthritic, rheumatic and other pains in shoulders and upper part of the back.

Preparation and Intake: The herb is taken at a dose of 6 to 12 grams a day.

Safety: Notopterygium is not recommended to people exposed to arthritic conditions or anemia due to blood deficiency.